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CIS (Coastal Information System) is an interactive database management system
developed by the Center for Coastal and Atmospheric Research (CCAR) for public access of coastal data to promote research interest and collaboration.  This system is an integrated environment for data assimilation, storage and retrieval of the various data sources:
in situ data: shipboard measurement, shore based data (contain both primary and secondary data), model simulation data and satellite data.  

This system is concerted effort from the scientists who provide a diverse pool of data which are quite different in resolution, format, acquisition methodology...etc.  Through this concerted effort, scientists benefit from each other's work and evaluate the research to a truly interdisciplinary level.

The data system has adopted a bottom up architecture with the following components:

Data catalogue - list the index of the data contributed by scientists and data downloading is providing through this function.

Data Analysis Tools -GIS  - merges the data from the various data sources and analyze as case studies using GIS technology.

Composite index - proposes a concept (an approach) for future development to present the data in such a way that the public can understand the meaning of the data.

Registration - All users must register for access to the Coastal Information System.